Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm voting YES on the school bonds

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Many of Austin’s school need physical maintenance which is expensive but critical. For example, in our area there is an actual hole in Bowie’s theater roof which leaks and requires part of the space to be cordoned off - and at Kiker roofs actually blew off several of the portables this year, creating a dangerous situation during school hours.
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If we don't pass these bonds, those issues will still exist, and they'll still need to be dealt with. Those funds will be pulled from the regular AISD budget, making even LESS money available for improving academic programs.
While it may not be exciting or intellectually intriguing to vote for a tax increase to do things to fix old buildings, this is the reality of the state of AISD.
I know that a lot of these things are being criticized as being maintenance or repairs that *should* have been taken care of. They were not, for whatever reason. Does that mean that children, who have no vote or say in the matter, should attend school sewage seeps in or the roof leaks every time it rains? Should a band all be able to practice together in one space? They can't right now at many schools - there is no space big enough. Just like there are 50 fewer seats in many cafeterias than there are students arriving to eat. The specific projects for each school are listed
on the AISD website:
If the bond doesn't pass, I wonder where the money will end up coming from. Do we just let our
kids try and get a decent public education in crumbling buildings? I personally think that 'no' votes need to be directed towards the politicians who have routinely cut funding to education in Texas while paying millions upon millions of dollars for standardized testing.
Early voting for the AISD school bond election is now open at many locations around Austin.
About me:
As a mom / step-mom of a 4th grader at Kiker Elementary, a 6th grader at Gorzycki Middle School , a 9th grader at Bowie High School and 2 Bowie graduates, a member of the PTA Board at Kiker, the incoming PTA President at Gorzycki, and a member of the AISD committee for the New South High School, you’d be right in saying I have a vested interest in our schools. My hope is that all Austinites share the goal of providing excellent public education for all the children in our city and will vote YES in the school bond election.
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