Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Austin Property Tax Appeal

       Keep Austin Weird Homes Taxes
Homeowners in Austin and Central Texas are feeling the impact of our area's
desirability this month. That's right - it's time for the annual Travis County
property tax valuations. Here at Keep Austin Weird Homes we've been receiving
calls from many homeowners all asking the same question: Is it really possible
that my home's value has gone up 8, 9, even 10%???
Well, the truth is that it IS possible, but it's not probable. You see, our real
estate market is moving very quickly now, with many homes going into multiple
offer situations and demand driving prices up. But this is truly a fairly recent
phenomenon in the Austin real estate market. The period of time which our most
recent assessment should be based on is January 1st, and the market wasn't
seeing the same level of activity then as it is now.
If you have questions about whether your home in Travis County is valued
correctly, and how to appeal your Austin property tax, we are here to help!
First of all, email us with your property address so we can do a brief analysis of
the comparable sales in your neighborhood. We will then schedule a time to
discuss the details of your property, and determine what other information might
impact the valuation. From there we can give you advice as to how to properly
appeal your Austin property taxes if that’s warranted.
We recently did an analysis for some neighbors in Circle C Ranch Alta Mira.
According to Travis County, their Circle C home’s value increased 9.65% from
2012 to 2013. After looking at the comparable sales, we found there had been
3 sales of similar properties (2 stories, almost 3,000 square feet) during the 3
months before and after Jan. 1st, 2012. However, 1 of these was a golf course
property with a larger lot. There had also been 7 sales of smaller, 1 story homes.
Our determination is that the Grey Rock golf course home and the 1 story homes
are in accurately driving our clients’ home value up. Since those other homes
are priced more per square foot, they shouldn’t be used as comparables for
purposes of valuation.
We were happy to share all of this information and documentation with our Circle
C neighbor and do a complimentary phone conference with you to be sure you
understand all of the steps necessary to successfully appeal your Austin property
If you or someone you know needs help understanding their Travis County
property tax valuation, we can help! Email keepaustinweirdhomes@gmail.com
with your property address and contact information and we will go from there.
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