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Weird Austin Home

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Keep Austin Weird – LITERALLY - with this One of a Kind Allandale Property

        Keep Austin Weird Homes Allendale Property      Keep Austin Weird Homes Allendale Property
As a real estate broker in Austin, TX, I often have the opportunity to tour properties that are not yet on the market. I recently had the opportunity to do just this for a very special property in the Central Austinneighborhood of Allandale
Built in the 1950s, this rambler fit in reasonably well with the other homes – most remodeled, some original - in its quiet, tree-lined street in a desirable area of Allandale. From the outside, the house appeared to need a bit of yard work and a coat of paint before being put on the market.  But on the inside…it was another story.
Unconventional art pieces, from paintings to sculptures, lined the walls throughout this weirdAustinhome.  One of the most striking was the 3D mummy coming through the wall between the kitchen and dining room. 
The majority of the flooring is hand-painted Mexican ceramic tile.  The owner explained that it’s probably in such good condition because until fairly recently it was covered with shag carpeting.  You know, this really didn’t surprise me.
I don’t usually take photos of bathrooms, but it’s not every day anymore that you see them in such vintage condition – down to the color scheme.  Yes kids, that’s a turquoise gas wall heater on the wall just in front of the turquoise bath tub.
Keep Austin Weird Homes Allendale               
A glassed in porch with an in-ground pool was added to the property in the 1960s.  This in itself adds several items such as a large stone faux fireplace reminiscent of the Flintstone’s (just a focal point, not usable) that help this property qualify as a truly weirdAustinhome.
But the strangest of all, is that this entire space has been transformed into a giant aquaponics system.  Aquaponics combines aquaculture with hydroponics to create sustainable food production.  So while large wooden shelves running across the pool deck support a variety of vegetable gardens, the deep pool itself is stocked with hundreds of full-sized tilapia, large mouth bass, and pacu fish.  I must take a moment to note that pacu, which have jaws and teeth quite similar to humans, are notorious in their own right for biting swimmers and fisherman in a particularly private spot. Not what you’d typically expect to find swimming in an in-ground pool inAustin!
So, although you might see a quiet rambler with a great front porch for sipping sweet tea in theTexassummer evenings, we at Keep Austin Weird Homes know you can never truly know what’s behind the doors ofAustin’s truly unique properties without an invitation.  If you’re interested in touring this home, contact us.  It’s not listed (yet), but the owner is currently considering offers in the $450,000 range.
**Bear in mind these photos were just snapped on the fly during a quick walkthrough and are not representative of the quality photography we do for the properties we list. **
Keep Austin Weird Homes
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