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Akins High School

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As a former teacher, mom/stepmom of 5, PTA President, and real estate broker, schools are of special interest to me personally and professionally.  A school’s reputation can impact the property values in a community tremendously.  In Austin, Akins High School has had somewhat of a negative reputation.  I set out this year to see for myself if this reputation is deserved.
Akins is the newest high school in the Austin Independent School District.  Built in 2000,Akins High School currently educates about 2,700 students in grades 9-12 in Southeast Austin.  The school competes in sports at the 5A level, and their mascot is the Eagles.  One explanation for the somewhat lackluster reputation that Akins High School has is that it simply hasn’t graduated enough alumni to have that “school spirit” tradition that is emphasized so much in Texas. 
I had the opportunity to visit Akins High School as a member of the AISD committee tasked with making curriculum recommendations for the proposed new South Austin High School.  I met with several members of the administration, including the principal, Steven Girard.  Girard’s passion for the school and its students was evident, and the fact that he lives in the school’s attendance zone and sent his own daughters there impressed me.
Akins High School administrators all emphasized that their goal is to prepare their students for post-high school success, whether that is in the job market, trade school, military, community college, or university.  This focus on preparing students for their futures was evident throughout the time I spent on campus visiting classes, speaking with students, and walking the halls observing.  Akins High school is set up in six academies that provide students with opportunities for college readiness, careers, and life. 
So what’s the verdict?  I personally have nothing but good things to say about Akins High School in southeast Austin.  I found the administration, staff, students, and the school culture I observed to be exceptional.  I would certainly consider sending my own children there, and I will now give Akins High School my recommendation to clients of our brokerage, Keep Austin Weird Homes, that are moving into the area.
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