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Akins High School is the newest high school in the Austin Independent School District

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AkinsHigh Schoolis the newest high school in the Austin Independent School District.  Built in the year 2000,AkinsHigh School currently educates about 2,700 students in grades 9-12 inSoutheast Austin. AkinsHigh School in is organized into 6 Academies.  The smaller size and specialized focus of each Academy is designed to make it easier for the teachers and staff to connect with each student.  
IncomingAkinsHigh Schoolstudents select an Academy to join - much like choosing a major in college. AkinsHigh Schoolprovides a very detailed booklet explaining each of the Academies and offering students a quiz to help them determine what they are best suited for and interested in. 
Keep Austin Weird Homes Akins High SchoolKeep Austin Weird Homes Akins High School
These are the Academies atAkinsHigh School:
  • AcademyofBusiness, Leadership, & Legal Enterprises (ABL2E)
ABL2E prepares students for careers involving persuasion, military leadership, data management, accounting, marketing, advertising, criminal justice, commerce, and business procedures. Majors include business management, accounting/finance, criminal justice, and military leadership.
  • Agriculture, Computer, & Engineering Sciences (ACES)
ACES brings the ideas, devices, and processes of scientific investigation and research to an individual student level. ACES programs include Veterinary Assistant, Horticulture, IT/Programming, and Engineering Design.  ACES majors include veterinary assistant, environmental science, computer programming and computer networking.
  • Arts & Humanities (AHA)
The Arts and Humanities Academy strives to understand deeply, express creatively and to live fully the examined life.  Majors include art, digital media, print journalism, humanities, and performing arts. 
  • Social Services (SSA)
SSA creates a community where students have first-hand experiences that broaden their understanding of the skills and knowledge essential to careers serving others and society. Certifications include Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomist, and Emergency Medical Technician. 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (T-STEM)
Through individual learning plans, the T-STEM student will engage in rich project-based learning models that reflect real world applications while earning college credit.  Programs include robotics, rocketry, and biomedical.  Majors currently offered are aerospace engineering, mechanical and structural engineering, and civil engineering/architecture.
  • New Tech High (NTH)
NTH follows an instructional model that seeks to mimic a professional environment in order to better prepare students for life outside of high school.  Students participating in the NTHS experience work in groups to solve problems while using technology as a tool.  Technology, in the form of a one-to-one student to networked computer ratio, is the platform that supports project-based learning. Students have access to the network e-mail, Internet access at home, and storage space for an electronic portfolio.  Students in NTH select their major from one of the other academies.
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