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Real Estate Investing with Keep Austin Weird Homes

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As a real estate broker and real estate investor in Austin, TX, I am often asked if I know of any “good deals” out there.  The answer always is, “It depends.”
You see, at Keep Austin Weird Homes, we absolutely believe that real estate is the best way to build wealth. But the specific type of investment opportunity I would recommend is going to differ for different clients, based on their current circumstances and goals.  Some of the questions we ask prospective investors can be found on our Investor Interview document.
That said, there are some fundamental things we consider in evaluating a property’s investment potential, such as the projected cash flow, appreciation, and vacancy rate.  We also look at the impact owning investment property will have on our clients’ tax situation, including write offs and depreciation. 
We use a detailed spreadsheet that gives a 10 year view into the investment property. While this is simply a PDF to use as an example, our clients receive the live Excel spreadsheet so they can customize the different scenarios for multiple properties to see how different variables will impact them.  Here is the specific property I based the sample spreadsheet on.
Since the rental market in Austin is so strong right now, it is a really great time to consider purchasing a rental property.  In September 2013, 10% more properties were leased than the previous year.  The average lease rate for Austin and the surrounding areas was $1,350.  An advantage to this type of purchase is that if you buy a property that already has a tenant in place, it will be income-producing from the very start. 
Keep Austin Weird Homes
Theresa Bastian and Rodney Campbell run an Austin, TX real estate brokerage established with the intention of doing good business with good people.  As Austin real estate specialists, Theresa and Rodney can help you buyselllease or invest in real estate in and around Austin, TX.


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