Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring in Texas - bluebonnet visit in Circle C Ranch

Spring in Texas - bluebonnet visit in Circle C Ranch

For those of you new to Texas, or who are not familiar with the tradition, bluebonnets are the Texas state flower.  Bluebonnets spring to life every March, along with dozens of other wildflowers that line the freeways and public lands in and around Austin, TX.  Not content to simply enjoy the breathtaking beauty as we drive by, however, we must make arrangements to thoroughly document this annual event.
Every spring, people all across Central Texas make plans to do an outdoor photo shoot with their children, pets, and/or families in the bluebonnets.

Yes, as spring comes to Austin so does the annual charging of the camera battery, purchasing of the adorable outfits (that coordinate well with blue) and selection of the perfect time of day (my personal favorite is just before dusk).  The unusual thing about these photo shoots is that most of them take place right on the side of the highway.  That's right, it is common to see minivans pulled over onto the freeway shoulder with otherwise safety conscious parents turning their children loose in the field not even 20 feet from the rush hour traffic on Mo-Pac or Highway 360.

At Keep Austin Weird Homes we say, "Stop the Madness!"  There is a perfect spot to take bluebonnet pictures right here in Circle C, with no traffic dangers to speak of.  Just cross through intersection of Escarpment and Slaughter Lane and go approximately 1 block South on Escarpment.  Park the car, and walk down the hill into the wildflower field.  This is part of Circle C Ranch Park, so it is very safe for kids, dogs, and whoever else you might want to bring.

Here are the pictures we took there this year - what do you think about our spot?  If you have a better one to share, leave it in the comment section below.  That way we'll have lots to choose from next year.

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